The best step for school readiness –  LittleSteps 

The LittleSteps program assists children in building confidence and creating a love of learning, so they can thrive when they start school.

In groups (limited to 6) using games and other multi-sensory learning techniques, children learn:

  • phonemic awareness
  • letter sounds
  • introductory phonics (reading and spelling simple predictable words)
  • letter formation/handwriting

We teach our students by guiding them to literacy using a unique, easily mastered skills-based system.  

Mastery of literacy requires competence in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

It requires the acquisition of knowledge, skills and an understanding of the language.

Because we have small classes, or individual classes if your child needs them, and because our classes are weekly, your child will get individualised attention from a highly trained teacher on a regular basis. 

Together with your support at home, that’s a formula for success. 

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Classes at Killarney Heights, Manly and Narrabeen

Literacy-circle - preschool - boys
Preschool -whiteboard

Early literacy education makes it easier for children to learn to read and have an advantage that carries with them throughout their school years.

We guide our students to literacy using a unique, easily mastered skills-based system. 

Our highly successful reading and writing programs include Literacy Circle’s specially designed educational resources that help ensure learning is a fun experience.

Literacy Circle alphabet chart
Little Steps handwriting
Little Steps First Sound
Little Steps - last sound