The school holiday camps are a great alternative to weekly term tuition.
The intensive programs focus on a specific skill to ensure the maximum benefit for each child.

The classes are very small, and private individual lessons are also available.  All lessons are taught by professionally trained teachers who give the children the individual attention needed to gain confidence in their reading and writing skills.

Bring your friends along and have fun!

As a bonus, you can save on the camps if you book and pay before the end of a term!

ALPHABET MASTERY  3 x 60-minute lessons

LiteracyCircle’s Alphabet Mastery Camp makes learning the A.B.C fun!

Our specialised early literacy camp is suitable for 4-6-year-old children.

The camp is a multi-sensory, dynamic and fun camp to start children on the best path in their early literacy journey. Your child will learn about the sound, name and formation of the alphabet letters,  phonemic awareness (hearing the little sounds in a spoken word) and introductory phonics.

These are the essential building blocks for reading and a must if you want your child to start right on the reading path.

INTENSIVE READING  3 x 90-minute lessons

for 4-8 years

This camp is based on the ‘BigSteps Program’,  the successful Literacy Circle explicit phonics instruction program.

The Intensive Reading Camp has proven to be a great confidence builder for the students that are struggling on their journey toward being confident and happy readers.

This camp is based on the successful Literacy Circle explicit phonics instruction program.

In small groups, the camp will focus on and develop core reading skills using Literacy Circle workbooks, multisensory activities and games to engage your child, make the learning fun and build confidence.

 We offer different levels in this camp depending on your child’s needs, whether it is blending sounds accurately and fluently with predictable words and/or long multi-syllable words or learning the rules for long vowels or for diphthong sounds.

This camp could just be the boost your child needs to confidently progress along the path to literacy.

CREATIVE WRITING 3 x 90-minute lessons


The Creative Writing Camp was developed to help children understand how to write a great narrative (story) and to enjoy and be proud of their writing.

A narrative should follow a structure, use correct grammar, punctuation, and paragraphs and, importantly, should make the reader ‘feel’ something, whether it be elation, disappointment, excruciating pain, trembling in inexplicable fear or tingling with excitement.

This camp engages and motivates children to write a descriptive narrative with guidance from our experienced teachers.


At Literacy Circle, we also offer intensive private lessons; whether you choose daily classes or two classes, the option is yours.

The private lessons can address any learning outcome in any of the camps, as well as comprehension strategies and persuasive or newspaper writing.

Just ask at your local centre to find out more.

As an added bonus, if you book and pay before the end of a term, you can save on the camps!

Literacy Circle specialises in literacy programs…

helping children master reading and writing to become confident, successful and happy learners.

Early literacy education makes it easier for children to learn to read and have an advantage that carries with them throughout their school years.

We guide our students to literacy using a unique, easily mastered skills-based system.

Literacy Circle Teacher