Literacy Circle Early Literacy Program – Parent Involvement

At LiteracyCircle we encourage parents to participate in the children’s learning. Parents are one of the essential ingredients to ensuring a child’s success when learning to read and write. But they need good programmes too. 

LiteracyCircle’s programmesare based on ‘explicit phonics instruction’ supported by thorough research and world’s best practice and are delivered by highly trained teachers. 

To help our parents support their children, teachers provide feedback to parents at the end of each term, teachers are available for meetings to discuss a student’s progress, we provide information about our programs, and our e-libraryprovides additional resources for parents. 

Please feel free to call us on 1300 364 271 or email us at 

  • Our programs are supported by the latest research.

  • Small groups for personal attention

  • Qualified caring tutors.

  • Happy motivated kids

  • Parent feedback

What are the advantages to sending my preschooler to learn to read before starting school?2020-06-29T00:18:55+00:00

The first year of starting school is a big step for all children, and reading will the basis of learning in all subjects. 

Developing early literacy skills before school will give your child an advantage that they can build on when starting school.

Having strong early literacy foundation skills will help your child adjust to school learning.

Do you just assess children or do you teach them as well?2020-06-29T00:19:32+00:00

After we assess children, we are able to prepare an individualised path for them that will address any deficiencies detected. 

Our teachers  then teach our students in face-to-face classes (or online) with constant follow up.

How often would my child need to attend the centre?2023-04-17T05:29:54+00:00

All LiteracyCircle programmes involve students attending the Centre at least once a week during the school term. 

During holiday times, students will often attend three classes a week.

How do I know if my child needs assistance with reading?2020-06-29T00:21:01+00:00

Most parents sense when there is a problem.  If you feel at all concerned, put your mind at rest.  LiteracyCircle offers a free introductory assessment.  This assessment will provide an overview of your child’s reading ability and enable our reading specialists to recommend a learning path for them. 

Does Literacy Circle help with dyslexia?2020-06-29T00:03:33+00:00

Our programs address the learning difficulties associated with dyslexia utilising two education components, explicit phonics instruction and the multisensory approach.

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