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Literacy Circle specialises in literacy programs…

helping children master reading and writing to become confident, successful and happy learners.

Preschool Early Literacy Program

Classes of 6 students

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Primary School Reading & Writing Programs

Classes of 4 students

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Literacy Circle Online Programs

For all ages 4-12

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Preschool early literacy program

The LittleSteps program a great way to prepare for primary school through fun-filled interactive educational based classes introducing sounds, letters, handwriting in a way that encourages stress-free, easy learning.

We limit our class sizes to 6 ensure we provide personal attention to each and every student and offer a Free Trial class.

BigSteps and PowerSteps

Primary School reading and writing programs

We offer explicit phonics reading (BigSteps Program) and writing (PowerSteps Program) programs for the children beginning their reading and writing journey, those that need extra help and or for those who want to excel.

Our Free Assessment will let you know which program is right for your child.

Literacy Circle Online

Literacy Circle Online programs

Our focus is on individual needs.

Open to children from 4 years – 12 years with a variety of learning needs and learning.

Literacy Circle is still teaching face to face with teacher lead learning and now students are taking classes online in the safety of their home!

The Reading Guarantee: How to give every child the best chance of success – Grattan Institute Report 2024

Australia has a reading problem. – A third of our children can’t read proficiently.

A key cause of Australia’s reading problem is decades of disagreement about how to teach reading. But the evidence is now clear.

The ‘whole-language’ approach – which became popular in the 1970s and is based on the idea that learning to read is an easy, natural, unconscious process – does not work for all students. Its remnants should be banished from Australian schools.

Instead, all schools should use the ‘structured literacy’ approach right through school, which includes a focus on phonics in the early years.

Students should learn to sound out the letters of each word, and teachers should read aloud rich literature to their class. Once students have mastered decoding new words, they still need explicit teaching to build up their background knowledge and vocabulary, so they can comprehend what they read – the ultimate goal of reading.

If schools don’t take this approach, disadvantaged students will be left even further behind their advantaged peers, who tend to have richer learning opportunities outside of school.

The Grattan Institute says phonics are part of an approach to teaching that would help a much greater number of students learn to read successfully.
“Structured literacy” includes phonics, but also teacher-led “explicit instruction” backed by the latest science on how children’s brains learn new concepts.
“The quality of teaching is the thing that will shift the dial for our young people,” Dr Hunter said.

Early literacy education makes it easier for children to learn to read and have an advantage that carries with them throughout their school years.

We guide our student’s to literacy using a unique, easily mastered skills-based system. 

Our highly successful reading and writing programs include Literacy Circle’s specially designed educational resources which help to ensure learning is a fun experience.


Literacy Circle Testimonials

I would like to thank you and your entire team for offering Daniel an excellent start to his academic education. You have been particularly easy to deal with and accommodating when we missed attending and rescheduling his classes. You provide great service. Thank you for everything.” (John 2024)

“Literacy Circle was fantastic. The staff were lovely, and my daughter, who was struggling to read, excelled out of sight within 6 months. She now reads everything and has such a strong foundation in phonics she talks constantly about letters and sounds. I would highly recommend the program.”  (Maddie 2024)

“Ben is absolutely fantastic, and Ada just loves coming to his classes – this is a girl we have to drag to school every day, so he’s working some real magic. We greatly appreciate him and the progress she’s made since starting. (Mike 2024)

“Thank you so much for all the support over the last 12 months. Thanks to Anthea and your awesome program, Ava has come to love reading, writing, and her confidence has skyrocketed. We will be forever grateful!” (Grace 2023)

“Jaki and the rest of Literacy Circle have helped my daughters build their imagination and writing skills. They are always happy to complete their exciting homework and enjoy the classes very much. Jaki explores different writing areas and helps the girls improve in each area. Thank you Literacy Circle!”  (Jessie.Y. 2022)

“Eloise loved the classes with Ben.  She has improved, and she is now so much more confident with her writing. This was the reason we enrolled her – to build her confidence with writing.”  (Sandra 2022)

“We are grateful to Rosemary for working with Wil (year 6) these past months on his creative writing.  She is fantastic and her enthusiasm is infectious.  Rosemary really knows how to encourage the best out of the boys, and she has helped Wil so much.” (Rebecca. R. 2022)

“Jaki and the team at Killarney Literacy Circle have been such a welcome support to both my children during their primary education. The educators were successful in creating a fun and engaging program to promote their literacy skills. The weekly classes have made a huge difference for my daughter’s reading, writing & spelling skills. Thank you Jaki and team!!(Emilie. H. 2022)

“Zita (year 1) is very keen to learn so it is great to have a good teacher like you (Mel) to help her.  She couldn’t wait to finish her homework after each class each time and she said she really likes the class.”  (Jennifer 2021)

“Just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you for recommending Ben for Liam and Finn, they absolutely love him. There’s a cheer every Saturday morning when I remind them that they’re off to Literacy Circle, and there are never any fights about the homework – which is really unusual. Ben is also so lovely to chat to after the class and he tells me they always behave – which is amazing.” (Caroline, November 2020)

“Jaki, thank you for teaching me to read”  (Emilio, November 2020)

“Hi Jaki, Thank you very much.  Jasper is getting so much out of the program this year, I’m really pleased!” (Rowena, March 2020)

“My son (year 5) has improved so much.  I can’t believe how much can be achieved in 1 hour a week.  Very pleased! (Natalie, May 2020)

“Jaki and her staff at Literacy Circle have been amazing.  They really understand the individual needs of each student, are patient, caring and make learning fun. It is a five-star service!”  (Jo 2020 mother of three boys that all have been or go to Literacy Circle)

“Dear Jaki, Thank you for teaching me.  You have helped me improve lots.” Jade 2020 (year 3)

What are the advantages to sending my preschooler to learn to read before starting school?2020-06-29T00:18:55+00:00

The first year of starting school is a big step for all children, and reading will the basis of learning in all subjects. 

Developing early literacy skills before school will give your child an advantage that they can build on when starting school.

Having strong early literacy foundation skills will help your child adjust to school learning.

Do you just assess children or do you teach them as well?2020-06-29T00:19:32+00:00

After we assess children, we are able to prepare an individualised path for them that will address any deficiencies detected. 

Our teachers  then teach our students in face-to-face classes (or online) with constant follow up.

How often would my child need to attend the centre?2023-04-17T05:29:54+00:00

All LiteracyCircle programmes involve students attending the Centre at least once a week during the school term. 

During holiday times, students will often attend three classes a week.

How do I know if my child needs assistance with reading?2020-06-29T00:21:01+00:00

Most parents sense when there is a problem.  If you feel at all concerned, put your mind at rest.  LiteracyCircle offers a free introductory assessment.  This assessment will provide an overview of your child’s reading ability and enable our reading specialists to recommend a learning path for them. 

Does Literacy Circle help with dyslexia?2020-06-29T00:03:33+00:00

Our programs address the learning difficulties associated with dyslexia utilising two education components, explicit phonics instruction and the multisensory approach.


Term Classes

Classes are available during the school term.

Children can join a small group or elect for private tuition.

School Holiday Camps

School Holiday Camps are effective to give a quick boost in skills between terms. A great option if you have limited time during the school term.  Camps include:

  • Alphabet Mastery
  • Intensive Reading
  • Creative Writing
  • NAPLAN preparation for year 3 and year 5
  • Intensive Private Classes.

Contact your local Literacy Circle centre for the school holiday timetable.

Switching it up for students 

Delighted to be featured by the Northern Beaches Council @beachescouncil 

Jaki and her Killarney Heights team adapted their teaching style to support students during COVID.

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